We are KONT Klub, a fluid art collective rooted in Eindhoven. We focus on the creative community by organising events that bring together (non)artists in our city.

In this fast-paced and demanding world, we take slowing down, trusting each other, and being curious very seriously. These values are the pillars of KONT Klub, reflected through action, togetherness and equality. We prioritise building durable relationships: boosting and connecting sensitive and sensible artists, designers, writers, photographers, musicians, performers... so they can collectively take a prominent place in society. 

KONT Klub is currently structured in three main programme lines: KONTfulness (experiencing an artwork), Feedback sessions (sharing an artwork) and Slowdates (meeting ground). These events are recurring bimonthly. We are an organic initiative that resonates with enthusiasm and fresh ideas. As our KONT community grows, we aim to continue introducing new programmes and projects that arise from it.

KONT Klub is looking for two new supervisory board members, who can expand and support its vision for the new exciting period. We feel it is time to expand our reach, therefore we have two spots open! Please find the two profiles we are searching for below. 

As a board member, we expect you to be involved in:

  • 4 – 6 meetings per year;
  • Advice and sparring with the team members of KONT Klub (programme, structure, funding);
  • Sharing the enthusiasm for cultural events and (non)artist community within Eindhoven;


  1. General Board Member
  • You align with KONT Klub’s mission and vision: are committed and motivated
  • You see yourself easily as part of KONT audience (it speaks to you);
  • You have an affinity with culture, are active and aware of the cultural landscape in the city of Eindhoven;
  • You are excited to bring something new to the community and are aware of the strengths and weaknesses that are currently in place; you have ideas of what is missing and what is already there;
  • You can act as an ambassador of KONT Klub, and are enthusiastic about its activities;
  • You are forward-thinking and have a relevant network in Eindhoven and/or North Brabant;
  • You are not afraid to ask critical questions and have an independent judgement; 
  • You are open to new strategies, structures, and experimentations;
  • You have time to commit to KONT: attend bimonthly meetings, prepare, and bring valuable insight to the table;
  • You enjoy KONT’s innate quirkiness;  
  • No previous board experience is required, you can grow together with us;
  • [not mandatory, but a bonus;] you know KONT from before and are aware of its impact in the city;

  1. Chair Member
  • You have prior experience (preferably senior) in the supervisory board(s); 
  • You align with KONT Klub’s mission and vision: are committed and motivated by it;
  • You have experience in building a community-focused organisation;
  • You are excited to and have experience in continuously evolving and experimenting (we see KONT as a valuable and innovative experimental playground);
  • You are open-minded and encourage positive change;
  • You are part of the Eindhoven cultural network and have a good overview of its structure. And you are willing to use it for the benefit of the KONT organisation;
  • You are active in the culture area and have experience with building programme and executing events;
  • You can valuably reflect on KONT’s programme and organisational strategy;
  • You have a sensibility towards inclusivity and understand the structures that need to be in place to facilitate it;
  • You are familiar with organic community-driven structures, including finding joy in experimenting with alternative ways of payment or knowledge sharing;
  • Preferably, you know KONT from before and are aware of its impact on the city;

What can you expect from this experience:

  • Being part of building a new organisation that strives to enhance the current cultural society through sensibility and sensitivity to well-being;
  • Be part of an eager, enthusiastic and communicative team with an honest drive to build an organism from which the cultural landscape, artists, and people can benefit. 
  • Working in an environment with a sense of urgency for experimentation and care. Especially care for building durable and meaningful relationships in today’s individual-focused times; 
  • Opportunity to grow your network in the cultural scene in Eindhoven and North Brabant;
  • Discover the treasure of the KONT Klub: finding new ways to connect people & artists, and having fun along the way!

Please be aware that a board member position is a voluntary position, we are legally not allowed to remunerate. 

If you’re interested, please apply with your letter of motivation and CV to: redactie@kontmagazine.nl. For questions, mail us or call: +31624195133 (Berendine).