Documenting the inNEr side of KONT

Staying WithThe Tides/In de getijden blijven

The KONT vehicle is not an obvious one. KONT strives for more space for what is not immediately understandable and for intimate creativity in this world that seems to rely on transparancy only.

This documentary was essential to archive the first 5 years of KONT's existence, and the thoughts that belong to the 'presensing' way in which we have been working from the start, strongly relying on each other's talents and experiences.

It shows what this artists' movement means to 'smartcity' Eindhoven and those involved. In addition to its annual KONT magazine. Realized by constantly changing teams of artists, KONT has grown into a lively, organic movement through which critical, sensitive and open-minded artists can meet each other in the wild, and at the same time in peace and safety, can share their passions.

Hundreds of artists have already been involved with KONT for a longer or shorter period of time. It is a fluid local organization that can be used flexibly...

In 2021 artist vehicle KONT was 5 years old. A great moment to show what our movement has achieved through its unique way of life. Due to its nomadic and chameleonic method, it is difficult for the outsider to get a grip on how KONT functions and what it sets in motion. Therefore, making this documentary was an essential act.

KONT takes on the zeitgeist with its algorithms, visions and missions. It has been working on intimate, human contact in its surroundings, its city and the arts, long before corona. With this documentary, KONT makes its opinionated, open minded, critical and friendly attitude towards artistry tangible to a national and international audience –  independent of disciplines or experience and grafted on the DNA of the 'fast' Eindhoven.

This is therefore a documentary and a work of art at the same time, a joy for eyes and ears! Visually and aurally poetic and seductive, humorous, rhythmic and sincere.

'Staying With The Tides' will be useful as a trigger for conversations about relevant topics in the current (art) world: autonomy, degrowth, ambitions, internationalization, ecology, economy, inclusiveness and 'work'.

Founder of KONT Griet Menschaert, director of the Van Abbemuseum Charles Esche and KONT colleagues Annegret Bönemann, Koosje Hamerslag, Casper Fitzhue, Simon Soto, Lars Leeuw and Wessel Verrijt all have their say.

This documentary has been made by Floor Hofman.

Director Floor Hofman graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven as a documentary filmmaker. She got to know KONT herself through a visit to our infamous KONT Slow Dates. Hofman associated beautiful intimate images with the short audio fragments she selected from individual conversations with all those mentioned above.

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