KONTfulness: Studies in Yellow with Márton Mogyorósi

Leonie Schepers
Saturday, June 22, 2024
Sunday, June 23, 2024
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KONTfulness is a mindfull art experiment that you just have to experience!

Step into the lively realm of KONTfulness—an immersive journey into an art experiment. In every session, one artist takes center stage and mindfulness exercises are tailored to amplify their creative journey. Envision a snug sunday afternoon and evenings immersed in the captivating creations of talented artists spanning various disciplines. KONTfulness is a dynamic exploration that captivates both your body and mind, customized to enhance the artist's experiment and transport you to a space where art resonates on a more profound level.

About the artist:

Márton Mogyorósi is a material scientist with an artist’s soul, bridging the realms of art and science. By day, he works as an engineer, and by night, he immerses himself in creative pursuits, dwelling at the intersection where the technical intricacies of light and material interactions meet the beauty of visual harmony and aesthetics. Beginning his artistic journey inspired by Kazimir Malevich’s white-on-white paintings. Márton soon expanded his repertoire of colours beyond the visual light spectrum including elements like fluorescence, phosphorescence, infra red photography, noble metals, chemical reactions, and unique physical principles.

His first solo exhibition, Studies in Yellow, elevates his work to new heights, employing monochromatic light sources, projections, and the unique aspects of plasma chemistry. Complemented with yellow oil paintings this exhibition draws an analogy between our perception of light and the human experience of life itself, offering viewers a profound exploration of both the seen and the unseen, the scientific and the poetic.

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KONTfulness: Studies in Yellow with Márton Mogyorósi

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