Leonie Schepers
Sunday, March 17, 2024
Sunday, March 17, 2024
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Step into the lively realm of KONTfulness—an immersive journey into an art experiment. In every session, one artist takes center stage and mindfulness exercises are tailored to amplify their creative journey. Envision a snug sunday afternoon immersed in the captivating creations of talented artists spanning various disciplines. KONTfulness is a dynamic exploration that captivates both your body and mind, customized to enhance the artist's experiment and transport you to a space where art resonates on a more profound level.

Practical info and house rules:

  • Please wear comfortable (sporting) clothes you can easily move in
  • Yoga mats are provided
  • Stay warm! It is too easy to cool off when you are relaxed. Wear a sweater, warm socks!
  • We bring KONTfulness to you on a “pay what you can” basis

We welcome everybody to the KONTfulness sessions. We do expect you:

  • to actively participate in the artist’s experiment and the mindfulness exercises
  • to add to the creation of a safe space, where everyone can feel comfortable and speak openly

THIS EDITION’S ARTIST: we are invited into the world of performace artist Ahn Sung Hwan

Ahn’s primary focus is on survival. He explores what survival strategies might be for individuals in the contemporary era, overwhelmed by  digitized capital, globalized politics, and a consumer culture dominated by the masses.  

He experiments with mediums, such as organizing incidents (live performances) and creating props with the  potential to trigger, to comedicize the timeless human desire for survival and contemporary anxieties  violence, and primal brutality, transcending eras.

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