Leonie Schepers
Sunday, February 4, 2024
Sunday, February 4, 2024
Gasfabriek 3A, Eindhoven

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Step into the lively realm of KONTfulness—an immersive journey into an art experiment. In every session, one artist takes center stage and mindfulness exercises are tailored to amplify their creative journey. Envision a snug sunday afternoon and evenings immersed in the captivating creations of talented artists spanning various disciplines. KONTfulness is a dynamic exploration that captivates both your body and mind, customized to enhance the artist's experiment and transport you to a space where art resonates on a more profound level.

Practical info and house rules:

  • ! This KONTfulness session, the performance by Monique is Dutch spoken !
  • Please wear comfortable clothes and bring whatever brings you additional comfort (think: hot water bottle, a nice pillow, slippers)
  • Please bring as many pillows as you can! :-)
  • We bring the KONTfulness sessions to you on a “pay what you can” basis

We welcome everybody to the KONTfulness sessions. We do expect you:

  • to actively participate in the artist’s experiment and the mindfulness exercises
  • to add to the creation of a safe space, where everyone can feel comfortable and speak openly

THIS EDITION’S ARTIST: is Monique Hendriks!

Monique Hendriks (Dutch Champion Poetry Slam 2021) creates short poetic theater solos with the energy of a poetry slam performance and the physicality of theater. By letting her imagination run free, Monique gives a body and a voice to the absurdity of the time we live in. This way, you can at least have a conversation about it.

HER PERFORMANCE: is Post-pandemic dating advice!

Post-pandemic dating advice is an exploration of the quest for love in the post-COVID era. Now that we have become masters of Zoom and livestream, do we still know how eye contact works? How do we touch each other? Do we dare to do that anymore? And above all: how do we do it SAFELY?

KONT: We are KONT collective. A fluid art community rooted in Eindhoven that collaborates on organising events and making work together. What binds us is our shared set of values which we don’t find enough in this fast-paced world around us. We take slowing down, trusting each other, being curious and sensitive very seriously. We focus on building durable relationships when working together, but keep adapting to the situation with an open mind. If you are looking for an art community and feel us resonating with you, join us!

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