KONT feedback sessions #1

Leonie Schepers
Saturday, December 2, 2023
Saturday, December 2, 2023

Kronehoefstraat 30A, Eindhoven

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‍Hello, we are KONT collective. A fluid art community rooted in Eindhoven that collaborates on organising events and making work together. What binds us is our shared set of values which we don’t find enough in this fast-paced world around us. We take slowing down, trusting each other, being curious and sensitive very seriously. We focus on building durable relationships when working together, but keep adapting to the situation with an open mind. Are you looking for an art community and feel us resonating with you?

On the 2nd of December 2023, we are organizing our very first edition of feedback sessions. Do you have a work(in progress) and are not sure how to take it from here, or are you just curious about some extra perspectives of your art? Then this event is something for you. 

We will be gathering in a studio space of TAC, where you can show/present your work for about 10 min. After that, we will initiate a conversation about it. We will repeat this for all the participants, so everyone can have their opportunity! 

Are you not ready to show your work, but would love to get inspired and meet the artists? We will prioritize submissions who are willing to present, but definitely apply and if we have spaces left, you can join us!

During the day, TAC has an Open Studio day, so after our session feel free to discover ateliers and workspaces around the same building. More info here: https://www.tac.nu/programma/tac-open-studio-days/

Practical info and house rules:

  • A small group of participants: 5 - 7 artists, to have a welcoming environment;
  • Your presentation can take any form you are comfortable with (powerpoint, physical work, screening, performance, …);
  • We avoid value comments while talking about the artwork;
  • We aim to establish a safe space, where everyone can feel comfortable speaking openly;

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KONT feedback sessions #1

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