Infinity Walks @STRP Festival 7 - 10 April 2022

Thursday, April 7, 2022
Sunday, April 10, 2022

Pullman Hotel, Eindhoven


14:00 - 16:00 every day

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Let’s go for a walk! Every day of the festival, 7, 8, 9 and 10 April, you can go on an Infinity Walk with artists Leif Czakai, Maaike Twisk, Berendine Venemans, or Ahn Sung-Hwan. Together you reflect on the impact of technology on the individual and society and other various topics. The walking sessions are hosted by fluid, artistic and local Eindhoven based platform KONT. There’s a limited capacity, so don’t wait too long to register!

KONT is taking you on 4 walks that touch the infinite borders of our lives, and of Eindhoven! KONT is a local fluid artistic vehicle.The artists you can chose from in our Walks of Infinity menu all live and work inthis city. Many artists, like many others, struggle with over-production. We suffer from a never ending pressure to reach targets, produce objects, exhibitions, events, meetings, workshops… KONT tries to resist this pressure as good as itcan. Therefore, we invited four artists from our network to simply make a walk with you. A walk that lasts about 2 hours, so you slow down together. The artists are not represented in the STRP exhibition, the walk is the only way for you to experience their work. While making the walk, they can be themselves, and so can you…

KONT initiates surprising collaborations between artists and non-artists. It boosts and connects sensible artists, writers,designers, photographers, musicians, performers…. to take a prominent place in society. Our network is artistically unlimited – all disciplines and ages areinvolved, but we work local. We continuously reflect on our role and needs in our city, with its fast growing number of inhabitants. We represent a wide range of perspectives. We walk and bike to our meetings, and meet each other on formal and informal occasions. We operate nomadically within the city, using spaces of friends and partners.

Concept by KONT chief Griet Menschaert 

Leif Czakai

The end of infinity might be where human needs can be parked up in front of a fence behind which a wide open grass field is set up for the big flying Machines that combine our desire for the far away and the facilitation for our global market. We will stay for a while, make sure we are catered with food and warm drinks and while we wait for airplanes we draw our perceptions, write our thoughts and collect them in little bundles. Maybe we can ask what the people in the car next to uscame to do, or do they seem too sketchy? Are they contemplating over far away destinations while being safely encapsuled by their metal cave on wheels? Or are they just in need of a place where everyone minds their own business where you can just be for a moment? What we will do with the bundles? We will decide on the spotterspot. 

A walk to /biking to/meeting at the spottersweg/spotterspot een Eindhoven. A non place with a busstop, a parking with a view, an anonymous meeting point - here people come to do what? I don't know, but once in a while you can see the airplanes of Eindhoven airport land and take off.

Leif Czakai works in contexts of co-creation, as a designer, creative researcher or illustrator.

Berendine Venemans
A Celebration – ritual to let go of our addiction to growth

Who said the end of infinity is scary? If you feel you want to let go of your addiction to growth, then this walk is for you! Let’s celebrate what saluting the End of Infinity feels like! Together with performance artist Berendine you will call upon the help of Tidying Up Guru Marie Kondo for tips on how to let go. You’ll create space for what comes next. Infinite Growth is the new smoking; time to quit!

While collectively examining what this growth addiction means and how it is translated in our lives, we use some of Kondo’s steps to let go of it. You’ll collect your addictions, write them down andritually burn them. The ritual is meant to collectively examine what it means to be human and how to connects this with the way we’re living our lives. Letting go of something old creates space for something new! Has our addiction to growth really made us happy? How much have you bought from Amazon that made you feel complete?


Maaike Twisk
Contemplation through Movement

Maaike Twisk is a Fine Artist who worked a variety of odd jobs. Currently she is studying Philosophy and gathering second-hand materials to construct a community housing project. She collects an ever expanding archive of audio recordings. 

Maaike takes you on a guided audio tour that unfolds like a person wandering through the city, allowing their attention to be captured by whatever looms around the corner. Their steps determined by their curiosity, a form of contemplation through movement. While walking, the story subtly nudges you tonotice how different patterns of attention emerge when we disengage from the usual structures of time measurement, spatial orientation and auditory communication. 

We look for a different infinity. Not one pursued through increased productivity, efficient logistical systems and optimized time management, but an infinity that can be tapped into when we realize the rich sensory information available in the thickness of the present moment. 'NOW' will not be defined as an instant measured by seconds on a clock, it will be woven into the story like a cloud, a shapeshifting mass.


Ahn Sung-Hwan
How to Run from The Sun

The human imagination of eternal life has always existed and will continue to do so. Furthermore, with the development of science and technology, human life expectancy has increased rapidly. Humans didnot get eternal life yet, but they received a little more time, and so it began to matter more how they could stay wealthy and fit. For this reason, the anti-aging industry has become a promising business model and cutting edge technologies are being used.

During this walk, Ahn Sung-hwan would like to discuss the current situation of species addicted to constant growth and their individual desire not to grow old. Can we reach a true utopia only when we reduce growth and return to primitive times? Isn't it more authentic to pursue a better body and our individual desire to stay young? Ahn Sung-hwan will transform into a sunscreen merchant. He invites you to prepare with this dresscode: white clothesand UV protection glasses.

Ahn Sung-Hwan is a designer and a chemical engineer.

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Infinity Walks @STRP Festival 7 - 10 April 2022

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